Lossless beam splitting for multi kW lasers

  • Welding
  • Cladding
  • High transmission
  • Lossless beam splitting
  • 2.5 mrad angle
  • CA 48 mm
  • TEM00 and multimode lasers
  • Multi kW lasers

 Technical Specifications

Description Beam splitter to create two foci perpendicular to axis
Angle between beams, mrad 2.5
ΔF air, mm
proportional to focal length of focusing lens
0.5 mm with lens of F200 mm
0.75 mm with lens of F300 mm
Clear Aperture, mm 48
Spectral band, nm 1020 - 1100
other wavelengths on request
Recommended maximum power, CW 6 kW
(by a beam of >25 mm 1/e2 diameter)
Mounting threads M58x1 at entrance and exit
Water cooling through 6-1/8 fittings
Diameter, mm 90
Length, mm 75.5

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AdlOptica works in field of multifocus and Laser Beam Shaping Optics finding numerous industrial and scientific applications. Multi-year developments are realized in family of piShaper systems, > 70 models: almost 100% efficiency, spectrum from UV to IR, power from mW to kW, CW or pulse lasers, achromatic design, variety of flat-top spot sizes, low sensitivity to misalignment.

AdlOptica is locating in Adlershof, Berlin, Germany's leading science and technology park.

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FoXXus is a highly flexible optics tool that gives lasers improved process performance at lower costs.

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